An edupreneur guiding the global student who wants to further their education.

I am Ms. Marla Hunter, nice to meet you!

My Journey
& Mission

Marla Hunter is the founder and president of Live.Love.Teach!, LLC, a global education consulting firm. She has worked with many global organizations, and presented to numerous leaders, to help create more inclusive organizations. Marla is an expert in providing training in: DEI (Diversity Equity & Inclusion) with a focus on unconscious bias, cultural competence, inclusive leadership, women's advancement, authentic leadership, and allyship; EdTech; Teacher Selfcare; and Math Talks. She is also an avid curriculum developer and instructional designer. 

Marla is a firm believer in the use of EdTech & a lover of Maths. She has participated and facilitated several math initiatives in Tennessee and Mt. Holyoke University: SITES-M School (Strengthening Instruction in Tennessee Elementary Schools) - Focus on Mathematics, Summer Math for Teachers Working with Data: DMI Training/ DMI Facilitation Training, Summer Math for Teachers Geometry: Examining Features of Shape DMI Training/ DMI Facilitation Training, and SITES-M DMI Training for Teachers Number and Operations, Part 1 Building a System of Tens: Calculating with Whole Numbers and Decimals. She also provided quarterly Parent PD (Early Childhood Parent Sessions) in Reading, Math, and STEM/STEAM at the International School of Abuja. 

She has had a successful career of teaching and leadership in both public and private education in Nashville (TN), Memphis (TN), Orlando (FL), and San Jose (CA). Marla Hunter has also taught, mentored and been in leadership internationally in the following places: China (Shenzhen), Nigeria (Abuja), and the UAE (Al Ain). 

When she’s not working with educators, educational organization and other companies, you can find her on the Board of the San Jose Women's Club as the Director of Membership and Inclusivity and at the pool coaching private swim lessons (which she’s been doing for 20+ years), working with educational companies developing curriculum for their programs, and living a “Life of Yes”.

"Thank you, Marla Hunter, for creating the space for us to share our experiences, while being vulnerable enough to share yours & helping us catch what we're missing."

Josephine "Jos" Hanan